• 360 Virtual Tour

  • 360 Virtual Tour

360 Complimentary Virtual Tour

We produce 3D models in most formats including  Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and Sketchup.

We use Hi-Res 360 cameras to provide virtual walkthrough tours of the property, in essence extending Google Street View around the property we are surveying. This gives the architects a superb feel for the building and an immersive experience invaluable for their design work. It also helps CAD Surveys with post-processing. We also put the 360 camera on the end of a long pole in the garden to get a good feel for the surrounding area.

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Hotel Survey

Below is a tour of a recent Hotel survey to complement our floor plans.
Please toggle the button – 2nd tab in the bottom left corner to bring up a simplified floor plan

Margate Lido 360 tour