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    We have 35 years of combined building drawing experience giving us an exceptional knowledge base and wealth of talent.

    Measured Building Surveys

We use the latest technology

Using state of the art technology, laser scanning, GPS, fully connected reflector-less total station surveying, 360° spherical cameras, drone cameras, and 30ft extendable cameras, providing us with the whole package to offer architects, engineers and designers.

All of the above combined with traditional high spec detailing give CAD Surveys a unique and unrivalled advantage over our competitors.

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Laser Scanning

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    Townhouse Plan sections and Elevations

    Plans sections and elevations of a townhouse in Holland Park, London Area.

    Ceiling Plan Survey

    Complete works survey from sections to electric points and reflected ceiling plans.

    Complete Survey Building Plan

    Listed building in Sandwich, Kent dating back to Medieval times. Full specification completed.

    State of the Art Equipment

    Using the newest technologies in the surveying industry – from the latest global positioning systems (GPS) to the S5 Robotic Total Station – we gather field information precisely and efficiently.

    FARO Laser Scanner

    FARO Laser Scanner

    Cad Surveys uses a FARO Focus3D X 330 for elevation work and complicated loft surveys among others. The FARO Focus3D X 330 is specifically designed for outdoor applications due to its small size, lightweight, extra long-range, extended scanning possibilities (even in direct sunlight) and easy positioning with the integrated GPS receiver.

    Trimble Total Station

    Trimble Total Station

    Count on the Trimble S5 total station to make your job easier, day after day, project after project. Built on proven Trimble technologies – including Trimble SurePoint and MagDrive™ technology, and our DR Plus EDM – this is the no-nonsense workhorse that works efficiently and dependably whilst maintaining the highest possible accuracy.

    360° Spherical Camera

    360° Spherical Camera

    We use a Ricoh Theta V camera when requested to provide a virtual walkthrough tour of the house, in essence extending Google Street View around the property we are surveying. This gives the architects a superb feel for the building and an immersive experience invaluable for their design work. It also helps CAD Surveys with post-processing.

    Camera Pole

    Camera Pole

    A Sony DSC-QX10 camera is attached to a 30ft extendable camera pole with a Wi-Fi connection to a smartphone. This is ideal in a London town where aerial drones cannot be flown and where images cannot usually be accessed due to neighbours etc.

    We perform fully-connected measured building surveys as standard.