• FAQs

    Frequently asked questions

  • FAQs

    Frequently asked questions

Do you adhere to any guides of measuring practice?

• RICS code of measuring practice.
• Measured surveys of land buildings and utilities 3rd edition. PG guidance 2014.
• Land Registry Practise Guide 40.
• Metric Surveys Specifications for Cultural heritage.

Do you carry insurances?

Yes. Professional Indemnity, Public liability, Employers’ Liability, Products Liability.

How long does a measured survey take?

A typical medium-size house will take approx. 5 hours for 2 members of the team to survey then it takes approx a week to deliver the drawing set.

What are your on-site survey methods?

Laser scanners

CAD Surveys predominately uses Laser scanners for surveying.

The laser scanner takes 0.5 million points a second in a 360 rotation. 

We set the scanner up on a tripod and then just press go. The scans usually last 3 to 4 mins and then we move the scanner to a new position. In an average-size house, we would move the scanner about 75 times.

An average house takes 5 hours to scan.

The image on the screen of the scanner looks like a photo but is in fact millions of black dots in high concentration with the shades inverted. – I.e. dark becomes light and vice versa. (The screen of the scanner is shown on the image below.)

Theodolite Total Stations

Further to the scanning CAD Surveys also uses Theodolite ‘total stations’ externally for garden features and levels.

This is a one-man operated device with a robotic tracking pole – basically, our operative walks around with a staff pole which the total station theodolite looks to and rotates and tracks from its stationary position.

Below is a photo of that.

Further photographic imagery may be taken if permission is granted. We often use a 360 camera to take photos – this is placed on a small tripod as shown below.