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  • Case Studies

The Margate Lido

We were commissioned by the ‘save the Lido’ charity and Margate council to survey the former Margate Lido.

The old Clifton baths within the complex represent a unique survival of Georgian bathing history, there is a hidden subterranean network and echoes of leisure enjoyed from the plunge baths of the 1830s through to the nightclubs of the 1960s and 70s.

We laser scanned the entire subterranean premises including under partially submerged areas. The entire structure was a labyrinth of tunnels.

Below is a 360 photo tour of the area mentioned above – taking our laser scanners out on dinghies!

You can read more at the following website:  https://www.savethelido.co.uk

Below is a partial plan underground. In the circular area, at one time, horses were used to generate power to the water pumps. 

We are experts in surveying hotels quickly, methodically and in high detail.

In the last three years, CAD Surveys has surveyed seven very large hotels and has been surveying hotels starting with the Langham hotel, London 15 years ago.