• Fit Outs

    Fit-outs for commercial, industrial and structural steel environments.

  • Fit Outs

    Fit-outs for commercial, industrial and structural steel environments.

Commercial Fit Outs – our attention to detail sets us apart

Attention to detail is critical in the structural engineering environment. At CAD Surveys, we predominantly specialise in architectural surveys where our attention to detail puts us head and shoulders above the rest.

With this in mind, we are turning our ‘eye for detail’ to pre-fit-outs for commercial, industrial and structural steel environments.

Structural sections, universal beams and columns are identified and indexed into blocks and layers. Total station and laser scanner data are then backed up with calliper level detailing and 360 spherical photos.

To date, we have provided the survey data for a world-leading retail chain and their store refurbishments, at the ‘stripped out stage’ across numerous shopping centres.

So if it is high-level detailed surveys you require then please get in touch.

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    The client required exact dimensions for Replacing ‘like for like steel’ sections, columns and beams.


    High detail section drawing using sub-millimetre precision to reference layers and blocks with universal beam and column sizes.


    We provide the accuracy at this stage for pre-fab and pre-fit-out so the infrastructure is built exactly to the new spec.


    Construction drawings are not always built to spec and the tolerances can become crucial in the pre fit-out stages.


    High detailing is required to produce plans/levels/sections with all overhead pipework and ducts showing.

    All of our work revolves around the objective of offering the client the best way to highlight their project, so that they can make an informed decision on how best to proceed with it.